Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas gifts! :D Yay!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for being a bit lazy and post my gifts today, I should have posted it a bit earlier.. But anyways ;) Hahah

I got a lot of awesome stuff, and here it comes!! :D

1) A manga/anime looking parfume case, that I can decorate with stickers. From oriflame and called "The Babes - Crazy Kiwi":

2) Here's the Twilight book in Danish, and the three first movies in the Twilight Saga:

3) "Harry Potter 6", "The Beauty & the Beast" and "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus".:

4)My lovely, and new, and not at all broken, Converse All stars shoes! <3:

5) Gift card and P!nk's Collectors Edition CD/DVD "The Greatest Hits.. So Far!!!":

6) Smoothie/juice maker/ice crusher (don't really know what it's called ^^):

7) Mirror:

8) Things I bought from my Giftcards, "Medusa Copenhagen ornaments" and "Dr. Scheller 24-hour Anti-Drying Body Milk" (It smells SO freakin' awesome!!):

I love gifts, and I would love to see your Christmas gifts!
So please post a link to your blog, with Christmas gifts, or post a comment with what you've got! :D

Oh, and this is not to brag or anything, with what you have or not, but I love to see what other people get and want, so this is just out of my own interest ;)

And btw, I've been considering to start a new threat-theme, with my movie-recommendations! :D Like my opinion of movies i watch and recommend! :D Please post youe thought on this, is it a good idea, or..? I've probablt gonna start with mu faveroite ones, and since I love Tim Burton, there might be a couple of his movies ;)

But I bought a new dress i H&M today, one I've had my eyes on for a loooong time, and their sale started today, so I was lucky that they had a dress in my size :D i also bought a hat ^^ So I'm probably gonna wear that a lot ;)
- Gonna post pics of my New Year look, probably Friday or so :D

Have an awesome night! :D
HUGS Heidi

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