Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall vacation

Hi guys and girls!

Finally some time off from school, and some time to write here again..
You have to be patient with me, I'm soo busy, and I have way too much reading to do ^^

But everything is going well :D My class is wonderful, with a lot of amazing people! :D We're having a lot of fun! I also choose to have the "expression, music & drama" class, and I like it so far :D I also choose to learn how to teach swimming! I don't really like water, so this is a HUGE challenge! But I'm excited about it! ;)

Well, but right now, it's vacation time! ^^ But it's kinda.. Sad in a way, cause my boyfriend isn't home, he's on a trip with the after-school-care for 3 days, so I'm home alone :/ But luckily Buller, my dog, is here to keep me company! :D

But tomorrow I just have to clean the apartment and read A LOT of books.. I'm a bit behind with the reading :/ Not so good..

But my mom is comming this week aswell, and I can't wait til she's here! :D Haven't seen her since we moved! :O

But as for another thing.. I was talking about getting a SmartPhone, cause the one I have can't do anything, and that sucks.. So I wanted an iPhone, either the 3Gs or the 4, but now I found the HTC Desire HD and.... I'M IN LOVE! The phone is soooooooo amazingly awesome! Not only the design is beautiful, but the features and things it can do! WoooooooowF!! ^^

Here's the link to the HTC Desire HD page! :D

Just to list up some of the things you can do, there's of cause the HD screen and videocam and the camera is 8 MegaPixel! There's HTCSence, which is this super cool system, that if you can't find you phone, you can log on from your computer and make your phone call, so you can find it! And you can lock your phone and make people return it, if it's lost! :D

If you want to know more, read the homepage and watch the little video about the phone! :D I love this phone, and it's gonna be mine!!! ... One day ;) heheh

Well, that's all for now, I'm gonna go to bed, I'm really tired ;)

Sleep well!


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