Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday presents!

Hi guys!

Sorry for not being that active atm, but I'm working my but of every day, to have enough money when we're moving ;)

But anyway, I promised to post pictures of my birthday presents ^^

From my boyfriend I got:
Two bikini's from H&M

Two pairs of sandals from H&M

And the Tim Burton Movie "9"

I got all different kinds of things from my mom, but all the stuff are at her place, so I can't show pictures of it :(
But I got a fluffy plaid, a pair of blonde gloves, two homemade paintings and some moving-things ;)

And from everyone else I got different small thing like a pusle, a flower and a lot of money ^^ Here's some of the things I bought, but I'm still waiting for it ;)

From H&M:
Two pair of jeggings/treggings and a long dress

I bought some nailart stuff that I'm looking forward to try out! ^^ Hahah

I think that was all for now, I haven't recieved all my presents yet, so there's probably more to come ;)

Have a great Saturday,and take care!

Big warm hugs, Heidi

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