Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh my! Time has passed by!

Hi guys and girls!

Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog.. Have just been SOOO busy with work and apartment stuff..

I have been to IKEA, and bought A LOT of stuff ^^ Heheh I just can't wait to move to our apartment! :D

We bought a huge cubboard thing, with glass doors ^^ Well, here's a pic anyway ;)

And some shelfs to stand on the side with it :D

We also bought some cute lamps, and a bunch of other stuff :D Here's pics of the cutest things ;)

IKEA's homepage said thet they didn't have the cupcake dishcloth, but I found one last one! Yay! So I just needed to buy it ^^ Hahah

The last couple of days the weather has been amazing! All sunny and hot! ^^ But now it's getting colder again.. -_-"

But here's a nice Summer picture I took the other day :D

Well, that's was all for me tonight ^^ (Why do I always write my blog at night? xD lol!)

Have a great night and sleep well!

Massive HUGS Heidi (^^)V

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