Friday, January 31, 2014

January Favs!

 Hi Every one!

It's time for this  months favorites! Yay! ^^ As a new thing, I'm gonna make a section in the bottom of my Favs post with "No Go's" :D I sometimes come across items that are completely ugly or trends that I just don't get ^^ It's gonna be fun!

Let's get started! :D

Taylor Headphones from Frends
Michael Kors Lexington Watch

 I really like the rosegold watch and headphones! *HEART*


 Not only are these shorts ugly, but I really don't get the see-through detail at the bottom..
Weird Shorts from River Island (

This "belt" is weird.. What's the point with it? It's not even flattering! Looks kinda like a badly made straitjacket! ^^
Harness madness from NLY Accessories (

And this! I don't know if I'm getting old or something, but I really don't see the point with this! Why even bother putting on a sweater? If you want to show your bra and belly then don't cover it!! It doesn't make any sense!
See-through.. Thing.. From Noisy May (

I don't even have words for this.. It's a sweater-disgrace!
Red disgrace from H&M

 And this grandma-thing is utterly disgusting! Why?!
Blue monster from H&M...

I hope that you enjoyed my Favorites and No Go's ;) More posts coming soon!

HUSG! Heidi

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