Thursday, February 7, 2013

Online jewelry!

Hi Every one!

Tonight I'm blogging from my bed, had a long day on the job, so I'm pretty tired, but none the less, I know you guys need a new post! ;) Hahah

I love jewelry and accessories in general! And have lots of it! Here's some of my favorite!

Cute statement necklace


Black star

Nice earcuff

Leaf ring

Rainbow necklace

Mustache ring

Cute bow earrings

Penguin necklace! Love penguins!

Super cool braided statement necklace


Glasses! -They look like mine ^^

Leaf ring

Cool skull hairband

I really like the statement necklaces, the earcuff and all the cute mustache stuff! ^^

What are your favorites? :D

Have a great evening!
HUGS! Heidi


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