Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Update

Hi Every one!

Here's just an update about what's going on in my life and that the next month or so, the blog's gonna be a bit different..

Monday I'm having my first "real" exam in a subject called "Individual, Institution and Community", it's of cause related to my education as a educator at eg. kindergarten, care facility, nursing home, residence, etc. When my studygroup and I are done with the exam, we're going out for lunch, to celebrate it :D Can't wait for the Summer vacation! -I'm not going to school again before August ^^ Nice with 6 weeks away from it all :D

On Thuesday my Mom will come for about a week ^^ I really look forward to see her again, haven't seen her since the start of April! We're gonna take some walks, watch some movies and talk A LOT! :D Hahaha

And the 9'th the Gathering will begin! :D All our friends from different countries are coming to visit for a week, and it's so much fun! ^^ We're going to the beach, to a themepark and just hanging around playing Wii, PS3 and watching movies :D The gathering ends the 16'th.

The 17'th we are going with a English friend to London! :D We're staying in London for 4 days, we're living in Soho, and gonna go see a lot of stuff :D After that we're going to the Leeds area and staying there for the rest of the trip.We're gonna see a lot of stuff here aswell ;) The 24'th we're going to a Blink 182 concert in Manchester! (Yay!) and we'll go back to Denmark the 26'th! :D

The rest of my vacation I don't have that many plans yet, I might help my parents-in-law with some painting and renovating inside and stuff :D hehhe

But that's quite some plans anyway ^^
So if you don't get that many post from me, in this period, now you know why :D
I might post my June Favs one of these days, since I might not get it done when my Mom arrives ^^

Have a great evening!

HUGS! Heidi

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