Monday, June 25, 2012

Bag Design @ Nelly

Hi Every one! are having a competition where you can design your own bag and win 10.000 DKK to shop for and your bag would be sold at! :D That's pretty cool ;)

If you like my design, please vote for me, that would be really awesome! ^^

The Cfom Bag
It's supposed to be an all-(Faux)leather bag, with banding at the top, and a pompom and bow detail :D

I really like big bags, to have all your stuff in ^^ hehehee

Look that the page here
The link system to the bags don't work atm, but you can search for my bag at "The Cfom Bag" and vote for it ^^ Thanks! :D
-If you don't want Nelly to post things on your Facebook wall, you can just set it from "friends" to "Only/just me" ;)

-I also finished my exam today! Yay! So now I'm gonna relax for the entire Summer :D Hahah

Have a great Monday!

HUGS! Heidi

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