Thursday, November 4, 2010

Romantic gift

Hi Girls and Guys! :D

I really need to write more often, it's just hard to find the time for it, but I have to try! ;)

The other day when I came home, my boyfriend Morten surprised me with a gift! YAY! I love gifts! ^^ Hahah he bought me some pink roses and a cinema-giftcard :D heheh How romantic! And I love when he surprises me :D hehehee

So we desided to go watch Harry Potter 7 when it's released :D I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I like the movies :D

Talking about being fan, if you didn't know, I'm a HUGE The Lord of the Rings fan! And as you're probably guessing I can't wait for the Hobbit to hit the cinemas!! And I'm sooooo happy that Peter Jackson is the one to make them :D (The Hobbis is to two parts).

Here's a picture of my lovely roses ;) <3

Ohh, and another thing, today I fell on the stair-steps at my school and I injured my foot and knee :/ So right now I'm laying on my sofa :/ and I need to wear heels this Saturday :/ I hope that my foot is okay by then! :O

But have a great night and take care!
-Beware of the steps!! ^^

HUGS Heidi!

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