Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shopping day <3

There's a huge sale going on everywhere, and I wanted to use my giftcards to H&M, and I really wanted some new jeans, but I couldn't ofcause find any... -_-"

But I found this cute Hello Kitty stuff!! <3 Yay!

A eyeshadow palette called "Devil Eyes"
A Nail care set
and A box with two Lip Balms <3

Uhh uh uh!!! And I got this Beautifuuuul bag from Bianco! <3

I wanted this for ages! And I got a discount at about $10, because I signed on their homepage :D

Oh year, I bought a sport bra in H&M aswell, because I'm beginning at the fitness centre again from Monday, I'm really excited, and I need to loose some weight..
I'm not big/fat or anything, but I have gained about 22 pounds the last 6 months, because I haven't been working or anything.. Sucks, but I have to do something about it ;)

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