Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New buys ;D

Hi guys! :D

Sorry for not having been posting for some days, but had a lot to do ;)

Well, I won this contest, because I had answered some questionnaires, and I won $100! Yay! So I decided to spend them om, and I bought these great items! :D

A Michael Jackson Girly Tee <3

Some MJ badges ^^

and Harry Potter 3+5 and Aladdin :D Yay! (Aladdin was just re-released)

So that was great ;) hehe But I still gos some giftcards from Christmas, and i noticed a huge sale in the Danish store "Matas" on Maybelline products! And three of the products were only $4 each!!!

So I got the Rimmel Silky Loose face powder in 001, the Depend nailpolish in 09, Maybelline Pure.blush Mineral in 10 Topaz Rose, the Maybelline Color Definer in 41 Secret Peach, and the Maybelline Watershine Elixir in 552 Rose Star.
I love the products! Especially the Lipgloss! <3 And $4?! I need to buy some more!!! ^^ Hahah

Oh and I went to the fitness centre aswell, and I'm SOOO tired right now.. Pheew.. But I have a nice feeling though :D Hopefully I'm soon gonna loose some kilo :D

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