Friday, December 12, 2014

Im so bad at this...

I kinda can't stop laugh at myself, cause no matter how hard I try to blog every day, I can't keep up with it!

But I guess I get a tiny thumbs up for effort :)

The Hobbit: BOTFA was amazing! I need to watch it at least once more in the cinema! And cried so much in the end! It's so sad that it comes to an end..

I only have 5 days of work left this year! I can't believe that it's almost Christmas and that 2014 is almost over.. The last 6 months, especially, have gone by so quickly, I can barely remember the things that had happen!

For 2015, I hope for lots of laughs and happy moments! I wish for the people around me, to be happy and that they know that I care about them! Yep, that's my goal for 2015 - be happy and laugh more!

What's your goal for 2015?

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