Friday, August 8, 2014

New IKEA catalogue

Hi every one!

I've been looking through the new IKEA 14/15 catalogue and once again they amaze me!

The catalogue is available on the IKEA app - and all pictures are from the IKEA app

Here's some of my favorite items and interior ideas from the new catalogue ;)

I'm so in love with these IKEA PS 2014 shelves - you can mix them in a million different styles! Brilliant!

I love the idea with the skateboard shelves for a boys room - cool!

I really like that you a able to costumize them with pictures and magnets! 

I have a thing for green and I love this basket! I would use it for laundry and hot footbaths ;)

This bed is awesome! When the kid gets too big for it, you can make it a couch! 

TICKAR plates - I'm in love with the striped one!!!

Beautiful interior! I love the floor, I love the wall decor and I love the birdcage! So pretty!

Are you as excited about the new IKEA catalogue as I am?! :p

Have a great Friday!

HUGS! Heidi

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