Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Goodiebox #19

Hi Every one!

Once again it's time for this month's Goodiebox! I've been kinda dissapointed the last couple of times, and since they raised the price, I think the quality has fallen.. I think I'll wait for the 20'th box next month, and hopefuly it's something special.. But if it isn't.. I might cancel it, after almost 2 years.. But the box isn't that good anymore, and I think I can use my money better..

This month's box is a medium standard box.. I like the fact that it's makeup, but they kinda smell very chemical and fake.. But let's take a look!

Blue box!
BAM! ^^
Fashionista - Secret Gel Eyeliner 24/7 style (I DON'T like the brush!!)
Look Beauty - Cheeky Trio blush (I really like this, even though it smells!)
Look Beauty - Stay Put Powder (this smells aswell!)
MUA - Trio Lipgloss
Look Beauty - Statement Eyes (This isn't pigmented at all!)

Hmm.. Don't know what else to say.. It's a 50/50 feeling..

Have a great evening!

HUGS! Heidi

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  1. Jeg har også lige fået min! kan faktisk lide alle tingene og især eyelineren... Min øjenskygge er dog blå *ikke lige min favorit farve* <3

    //Camilla Christine