Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodiebox #11

Hi Every one!

It's time for this months Goodiebox, and I'm quite excited to show you what I've got! :D

This months theme is Natural Beauty!

Goodiebox wrote on their Facebook-page that the box had got a "facelift" and it sure did! I really like the new design! ;)

New shape! Exciting!
Woooowh! That's pretty!
And the GB logo
Black tissuepaper
All the goodies!
Decubal Ecological Body Lotion - I really like this!
Yogi Tea Ginger - I'm not much of a tea-person, but gonna try it anyway..
Oriflame Ecobeauty Smoothing day (daycreme) - Can't wait to try this!
Naturlig fruit and nut bar - I usually don't like fruit bars, but this was really good!
Matas Natur Handcreme - Smells amazing!
Mádara Sun Flower Tinting fluid
John Masters Organic Firming Eye Gel
Philip Martins Body Shower Juice - Can't wait to try this! It sounds juicy! ^^
All in all, it's an okay box, not one of my favorite.. I would really like more makeup related products, especially eyeshadow, blush and bronzer - maybe an brush! That would be cool!

My internship starts tomorrow and I'm really excited to start! In a year I get my Bachelor degree, and time goes so fast these days, so I'm sure it feels like no time! ;)

Have a great day!
HUGS! Heidi

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