Monday, May 23, 2011

HTC update

Hi Everyone! :D

Now I have enjoyed my HTC Desire HD for almost two weeks, and I love it! :D Tbh there's some small issues with facebook and when I talk to people on the phone, they kinda fall out sometimes.. Guess I'm blocking the signal when I'm holdning it or something.. But besides that, it's AWESOME! ^^

I really like the way you slide through the menus and that it's easy to change the settings etc :D Overall a über nice phone! ;)

I really want to cover it up, so the screen don't get scratches and stuff, but I think it's hard to find a nice cover for the back.. I really like covers like this :D

These covers are from luxaddiction, and are super cute and there're lots of different styles! ;)

I'm busy with my 1'st year exam atm, so I'm not gonna update that much, but I promise to update when I get the time ;)

Have a great evening! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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