Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Gifts!

Hi Everyone! :D

I promised to post what I got for my Birthday, sorry that it's a few days late ;)

But here's what I got:
-A bouquet of Spring flowers
-Pretty Bed linens
-A Giftcard to Matas
-A Giftcard to H&M (Gonna go shopping this week, so there's soon gonna be a post with what I got ;) )
-Shorts & tanktop from H&M
- and a lot of money, but they went as a help to pay my new glasses :D

As a little "Friday gift", my boyfriend gave me these denim sandals from Deichmann

They are super cute and as you know, I love studs and stuff like that ^^

And another thing, I got my stitches out today, so my belly is pretty sore :/

But that's all for today I think ;) Gonna clean the apartment a bit later :D

Have a great day!
HUGS! Heidi

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