Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter vacation!

Hi Everyone!

Here in Denmark the Easter vacation started today, and it will last til the 25'th! Yay! A week with no school! ;) Hahah

Well, I'm a B-man (don't know if that's the right translation?). I like to go to bed late and sleep for many hours! So vacations are just my thing ;)

But my mom is comming to visit aswell, and I haven't seen her since Christmas! So I can't wait to see her again! As I have mentioned earlier in some of my blog posts, that my mom lives about 2 hours dive away from me, so I don't see her that often, and I miss her a lot, so I always look forward to see her! <3

And the weather is getting very sunny and hot next week, that's gonna be nice! ^^ I love sunny weather! :D

But now, I'm just relaxing, I slept for a couple of hours, so I'm still a little tired ;)

But have a nice Friday and weekend! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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