Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guild Gathering

Hi guys and girls! :D

So we're having a guild gathering again this year, and I'm positive that it's gonna be a blast :D

Guild Gathering is a gathering for my boyfriends guild i World of Warcraft :D Not all the people are still in the guild, but they were here last year, so that's why they are here again this year ;)

There's people from most of Europe, Holland, Sweden, England, Finland and ofcause Denmark ;)

Were probably gonna end up beeing 23 peope when we are the most :D

We have put up a huge tent to sit in, last year we were in the garage ^^ Hahah

I'll probably gonna post some pictures through the week :D

Last year were a BLAST and I'm sure it'll be again this year :D

We are playing Rock Band, Wii, going to the beach, going to a rollercoaster park and maybe be drinking a little (hehehee) ;)

Have a great week!

(Oh, and it's going great in the apartment, making dinner and everything now ;) Hahah) Gonna post some new pics in the next week probably ;) )

See ya, and have a great day! (I'm writing at 15.40 DK time! It's not night! Wow! :P hahaha )


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