Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everything is allright

Hi guys! :D

So everything is going very well so far. I really hope that I get into the Hairdresser education.

And with the apartment we got a alot of furniture and things, and that's really nice, cause then we don't have to spend a lot of money on stuff we need. As it is right now, we need a fridge/freezer and some cupboards, but we're probably gonna buy the last things in IKEA. We just got a new one in my area ;) Yayness ^^

OMG I really want chocolate right now or some cake! Uhhmmm! I'm candy-hungry! ^^
There's these programs with a confectioner who makes the MOST delicious cakes and deserts! I could really eat a huge chocolate cake right now! YUM! :P

Hope I didn't make you hungry for cakes ^^ Hahha (Sorry) ;)

Have a great night!
Lots of hugs!

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