Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday outfits

Hi Every one!

The Holidays are upon us and Christmas parties and New Year are coming! I'm always in a crisis about what to wear, so came up with some cute outfits!

I think Christmas and New Year are all about simple outfits with lots of bling and glitter! Black is a perfect color no matter what, and you can always dress it up!

This pretty lace dress has a nice texture and you have to be carefull not bring too much glitter to it. I paired it with a statement necklace and a pair of heels with cute details.
Dress: Necklace: Heels:

If you're not into dresses, this cute jumpsuit is the right thing for you. I paired it with a golden arm cuff and some golden heels with cuff effect. Cute and simple.

Jumpsuit: Arm cuff: Heels:

This beautiful dark blue dress is perfect if you don't want to go black. I paired it with a clutch in same color and then added a pretty silver necklace and silver glitter heels. Perfect for New Years!
Dress: Necklace: Heels:

With this outfit I'm going with the 90's vibe. A pretty black dress with lace sleeves and then a holographic clutch and heels! I love holographic! Cute and simple.
Dress: Clutch: Heels:

And the last outfit is a pretty one-shoulder dress with folded details. It's a pretty and simple dress, and I think it should stay that way! Adding a silver clutch and some silver glitter heels, makes this outfit pop!
Dress: Clutch: Heels:

I hope this gave you some inspiration about what you could go for this year ;)

I kinda have a "boohoo-nelly-period" right now, I love their stuff, so just to clear out: I'm not getting payed or anything to make this! It's purely because I love their stuff! :D

Have a great Saturday!

HUGS! Heidi

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