Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our new house

Hi Every one!

I finally got the time to blog a bit again ;) If you've been following me on Instagram, you have noticed that I've been moving to our new house! :D I'm really excited about it and as you could imagine, I've been quite busy..

But as always, you guys need to see some pictures of our new home! Yay!

Let's take a look!
The first look at all the empty rooms, to the left is the livingroom, top right is the 1st floor, beneath is the kitchen and bottom right is the stars in the bedroom
The entrance and hall
The bathroom
A huge mess! ^^ top left is my walk-in-closet, bottom left is the kitchen, and to the right is the livingroom
Livingroom.. It begins to look like a home.. or... Something. ;)
The bedroom with our huge bed!
My walk-in-closet, not quite done though..
The kitchen..
Our "geek cave" in the basement
Our "geek-cave" in the basement
The livingroom
My quote-wall in the livingroom
and the House from outside at night

I love our new house, and I love living here! Yay! ^^
What do you guys think? :D

Have a great day!

HUGS! Heidi

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