Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chalked Hair + Post No. 200! :D

Hi Every one! :D

YAY! This is my post No. 200!

Can't believe that I have typed that many words! ^^ Haha

Yesterday I was out having dinner with my classmates, and I decided to Chalk my hair! :D

It's getting pretty huge, and it looks awesome! I used to dye my hair green when I was younger, but I can't really dye my hair crasy colors, when I'm in a Kindergarten etc.. And chalk washes right out! Easy! ^^

The always wonderful Kandee Johnson had made a video on how to do it ;)

And here's my result! :D

Chalk and Curl ^^

I bought some chalk in Tiger and any kind of chalk would do ;)

I'm visiting my mom tomorrow, so the blog might be quiet for a couple of days, but I'll be back! ;)
I'm having the next week off from school because of the Easter Holiday :D Yay!

Have a great Saturday!

HUGS! Heidi

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